Tokyo Women's Medical University Journal

Manuscript Submission

Manuscript Submission Information

This document contains information on submitting manuscripts to Tokyo Women's Medical University Journal, covering the process from preparation to publication. Authors carry out the steps in red.

Step 1. Manuscript Preparation
Accepted Manuscript Types

1) Original articles
2) Review articles
3) Case reports, etc

Notes on Manuscript Preparation

1) Please refer to the Journal's rules for submission.
2) For ethics-related and other issues, please refer to the below sites as necessary.

Eligibility for Submission

The Journal only receives submissions from members of the Society. We ask that head authors and co-authors belonging to this University join the Society.

Step 2. Manuscript Submission
Please include the following materials when submitting a manuscript:

1) Three copies of the manuscript
2) Manuscript's data files (USB, CD-ROM, e-mails, etc.)
3) Certification of English language editing
4) Declaration of Copyright Transfer
5) Submission Checklist
6) Contact Sheet

Submission Address

Please submit necessary materials to the secretariat address below:
Society of Tokyo Women's Medical University
Tokyo Women's Medical University, 8-1 Kawada-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-8666, JAPAN

Step 3. Manuscript Receipt (5 Days)

All manuscripts will be checked for plagiarism. If no issues are found, a proof of receipt will be issued.

Step 4. Peer Review Begins (Approx. 21 Days)

Two or three individuals will peer review the manuscript.

Step 5. Peer Review Results Notification

When peer review results have been received, it will be notified.
#If corrections are not necessary, please go to Step 9. Publication Certificate Issuance
1) The below-printed materials will be sent to the point of contact:
  (1) Information sheet.
  (2) Peer review/review results.
  (3) Answer sheet.
  (4) Pre-correction paper manuscript (for peer review).
  (5) Return of submitted electronic medium (USB drive, etc.; only if submitted).
  (6) Information on joining the society (if necessary).
2) We will inform you via e-mail that the printed materials have been sent. The below files will be included as attachments.
  (1) Results of peer review.
  (2) Answer sheet electronic data file (if necessary).

Step 6. Author Corrections (10 days or more)

Please look over the results of the peer review and review and correct your manuscript.

Step 7. Corrected Manuscript Submission

Please submit the following materials by the deadline:
  (1) Information Sheet (Step 5-1-1).
  (2) Pre-correction paper manuscript (for peer review) (Step 5-1-4).
  (3) Corrected manuscript #Please make corrections visible by, for example, printing edits in the manuscript in color.
  (4) Corrected manuscript electronic data file #When correcting your manuscript based on the peer review results, please use the "track changes" function or a red font.
  (5) Filled-out answer sheet electronic data file.
  (6) Filled-out answer sheet (print out).
  (7) Certification of English language editing.
  (8) Society enrollment form, including co-authors. #Only when necessary.

Step 8. Additional Peer Review (7 to 10 Days)

The same peer reviewers will confirm that the results of the initial peer review have been addressed appropriately.
#If additional corrections are necessary, Steps 5 to 8 will be repeated.

Step 9. Publication Certificate Issuance

After the manuscript has been peer reviewed and accepted for publication, a publication certificate will be issued.

Step 10. Proof Preparation (Approx. 25 days)

The manuscript will be submitted to the printer for proof preparation.

Step 11. Proofreading (7 days)

When the proof is ready, it will be sent to the point of contact. Please confirm that there are no errors (misprints, etc.), and send it back before the deadline.

Step 12. Pre-Release

After proof corrections have been made, the manuscript will first be released on J-STAGE. Please look it over.

Step 13. Payment of Publication Fees

We will send an invoice within thirty days after the manuscript's pre-release. Please pay the specified fees.

Step 14. Publication

On December 25, manuscripts will be published that were pre-released between December 16 of the previous year and December 15 of the current year.

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