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1900   Tokyo Women's Medical School founded (1906)  
1908   Medical school hospital opened  
1912   School reorganized and renamed Tokyo Women's Medical Professional School  
1930   Vocational School for Midwives and Nurses founded (closed in 1947) (1917)  
1934   Second affiliated hospital, Daini Hospital, opened  
1944   Tokyo Women's Health Care Vocational School founded for the training of public health nurses (closed in 1951)  
1947   Medical school reorganized and renamed Tokyo Women's Medical University Premedical School (1932)  
1951   Nursing School founded  
1952   Six-year medical school, Tokyo Women's Medical College (TWMC), established in accordance to the new legislation of higher education  
1953   Nursing School renamed The Secondary Nursing School (closed in 1973)
The Heart Institute of Japan established

1958   Graduate School for Medicine/Medical Sciences established  
1965   Advanced Nursing School founded (closed in 1990)
Institute of Gastroenterology established
1969   Junior Nursing College founded (closed in 2001)
Neurological Institute established

1972   Second Advanced Nursing School established (renamed the Secondary Nursing Vocational School in 1977)  
1975   Junior Nursing College for Special Studies added
Institute of Geriatrics established
Diabetes Center established
1977   Kidney Center established
Institute of Rheumatology established
Institute of Clinical Endocrinology established
Maternal and Perinatal Care Center established
Critical Care Medical Center established
Chest Institute established
Institute of Oriental Medicine established
Aoyama Hospital established
1995   Secondary Nursing Vocational School renamed Nursing Vocational School
Institute of Women's Health established
1998   School of Nursing added to the University
The university was renamed Tokyo Womenfs Medical University (TWMU)
2003   Outpatient center opened in the University Hospital  
2005   Daini Hospital renamed Medical Center East  
    International Research and Educational Institute for Integrated Medical Sciences (IREIIMS) established  
2006   Yachiyo Medical Center established  
2008   Tokyo Womenfs Medical University]Waseda University Joint Institution for Advanced Biomedical Sciences iTWInsjestablished  
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