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Faith and compassion

Yayoi Yoshioka

  In 1900, I founded Tokyo Women’s Medical School, the predecessor of Tokyo Women’s Medical University, with the purpose of improving the social position of women, who had very little status at that time. For women to improve their status, they needed to attain financial independence. As a doctor myself, it was my belief that medicine was a noble profession suited to women, and that the establishment of a professional medical school for women would contribute to this scheme.
For these reasons I became very determined, and my intent never wavered even in the difficult times after World War II. During the period when medical education was being reformed in Japan, many people advised me, both privately and publicly, to discontinue my adherence to an education exclusively for women. However, whatever disadvantages a women’s school may have had, I insisted on my belief. I explained the reasons for the necessity of a women’s medical school by referring to the success of such schools in other countries. Finally, my opinion was accepted. Currently, Tokyo Women’s Medical University remains the only women’s medical school in Japan.
Yayoi Yoshioka, M.D., founder of Tokyo Womenfs Medical University

-- Cited from "My vision in establishing a Women’s Medical University and the Significance of its Existence" (1958)

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