Description of IREIIMS
    Organizational Structure (continued)

The President oversees management of the research activities and organization activities which encompass the overall projects of IREIIMS.
    Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has two responsibilities: research management which oversees research and training projects and organization management which primarily handles business cooperation with partner enterprises.
    Appointments and Evaluation Board

This Board selects and reviews researchers for appointment and evaluates research activities.
    Ethics Committee for Medical Sciences

The Ethics Committee for Medical Sciences examines and assesses the ethical aspects of research and education performed at IREIIMS.
    External Academic Advisory Board

An External Academic Advisory Board which is made up of individuals employed outside of Tokyo Women’s Medical University provides objective evaluation of the overall project.
    IREIIMS Operating Committee

The IREIIMS Operating Committee is composed of the members of the Executive Committee, heads of the research projects at the Institute's Research Section and Training Section, representatives of the four partner universities (the University of Tokyo, Institute of Medical Science, Keio University, the University of Texas and the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine). The IREIIMS Operating Committee properly and effectively coordinates the research activities as well as human resources development activities at IREIIMS.

The Secretariat assists the President in the overall administration of the institute. It consists of divisions for general management, accounting, facilities, materials, advertising, academia and planning.
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