Description of IREIIMS
    Organizational Structure (continued)
(1) The International Research and Educational Institute for Integrated Medical Sciences (IREIIMS) was founded as a trail-blazing center where medical care, counseling, education and research are integrated. These activities are all based on making use of genetic information and are aimed at the extremely early detection, prevention and radical cure of disease. In addition, IREIIMS provides a setting for the research into and education of personnel in the newly emerging field of integrated medicine which also incorporates traditional and alternative medical care.
(2) IREIIMS was set up as an independent institute under the management board of trustees of Tokyo Women’s Medical University, separate from the faculty of medicine, and the system of IREIIMS is one in which the President can exercise leadership.
(3) The Institute has recruited researchers with various academic backgrounds from universities, research institutes and corporations around the world, regardless of age or nationality, and provided them with a research environment that is both open and international in flavor. In particular, the Institute has taken full advantage of the special nature of Tokyo Women's Medical University which provides an open work environment for women.

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