Research Fields

Intelligent Operating Room(Glioma Surgery)

■Intraoperative MRI
・Head Holder Coil
・Intraoperative Diffusion Weighted Imaging(DWI)
■Surgical Navigation System
・MRI Navigation
・DWI Navigation
・5ALA Navigation
■Awake Surgery for Glioma Resection
・IEMAS (Intraoperative Examination Monitor for Awake Surgery)

Gamma Knife

Surgical Robot / Instruments

■Master-Slave Manipulator System for Neurosurgery
■Robotic Laser Surgery System with Micro-Laser
■Small Surgical Robot for Intraoperative MRI
■Articulating ultrasonically activated scalpel
■3-Way Bipolar System
■Small capnometer

Supporting System for Surgical/Medical Environment

■Surgical Safety Supporting System(SSSS)
■Surgical Strategic Desk / Tele-monitoring
・Remort Monitoring System for Gammma Knife Patient Control
・Romort Monitoring/Control System for Intelligent Operating Room
■Medical Economics in Advanced Therapy System
■New Analysis Method of Error Factors classified by Error types in a Hospital