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2004 総説等
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2004 著書(分担執筆含む)
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2004 その他
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2004 新聞報道等
  1. 2004/5/4, 日経バイオテク・オンライン日本薬学会,東京女子医大、東京理科大、生細胞をチップに吹き付ける固定技術を開発、肝臓細胞の機能維持.
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  6. 2004/5/24, The Mercury17 (AUS), Eyes open to hope for blind,CORNEA transplants can give sight back to the blind but they are notoriously tricky. Sutures can cause swelling. The body can reject the tissue. Each transplant requires a large mass of cells taken from a healthy eye.
  7. 2004/5/24, The Seattle Times (USA), Procedure could make cornea transplants easier.
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