NameSHIMIZU Tatsuya
DepartmentInstitute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science (Tokyo Women’s Medical University)
Graduate School of Tokyo Women’s Medical University
Graduate Course of Medicine
Division of Biomedical Engineering and Science
TitleDirector, Professor
[Joint Appointment]
Areas of ExpertiseMyocardial tissue engineering based on “cell sheet technology”.
Neovascularization in myocardial tissue grafts for scaling-up.
Tissue factory fabrication for industrialization of regenerative medicine.
QualificationsM.D., Ph.D. (Medicine, University of Tokyo)
Biography2016-present Director, ABMES, TWMU.
2014-2016:Acting Director, ABMES, TWMU
2011-present: Professor, ABMES, TWMU.
2007-2011: Associate Professor, ABMES, TWMU.
2003-2007: Assistant Professor, ABMES, TWMU.
1999-2003: Research Assistant Professor, ABMES, TWMU.
1999: Doctoral Degree (Ph. D.), Graduate School of Medicine, the University of Tokyo
1995-1999: Medical Staff, Cardiovascular Medicine, the University of Tokyo Hospital
1994-1995: Medical Staff, Cardiovascular Medicine, JR Tokyo General Hospital
1993-1994: Resident, Saiseikai Central Hospital
1992-1993: Resident, the University of Tokyo Hospital
1992: Medical Doctor (M.D.), Faculty of Medicine, the University of Tokyo
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Awards and Honors2015 JSRM Award, the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine
2014 Japan Heart Foundation Satoh Memorial Award, the Japanese Circulation Society
2012 The 7th Monozukuri cooperation Award, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd.
2009 The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture,Sports, Science and Technology(Research Category)
2007 The Award of Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine, the Japanese Circulation Society
2006 Best Oral communication Award, First prize, Annual TERMIS-EU Meeting
2003 The 2003 Award, the Medical Association of Tokyo Women’s Medical University
2002 Best Poster Award, 5th International Meeting of Tissue Engineering Society
2002 Young Investigator’s Award, the Japanese Circulation Society
2001 Takagi Award, Intelligent Materials & Systems Forum
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