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KASAI Yoshiyuki's paper "A stable protocol for the fabrication of transplantable human oral mucosal epithelial cell sheets for clinical application" is published in Regenerative Therapy →Publication site


MASUDA Noriyasu's paper "Engineering of functional cardiac tubes by stepwise transplantation of cardiac cell sheets onto intestinal mesentery" is published in Heart and Vessels →Publication site


KURIYAMA Tomoko's paper "A novel rat model of inflammatory bowel disease developed using a device created with a 3D printer" is published in Regenerative Therapy →Publication site


KIKUCHI Tetsutaro's paper "Thickness-wise growth technique for human articular chondrocytes to fabricate three-dimensional cartilage grafts" is published in Regenerative Therapy →Publication site


TAKEHARA Hiroaki's paper "Microfluidic vascular-bed devices for vascularized 3D tissue engineering: tissue engineering on a chip" is published in Biomedical Microdevices →Publication site


OKAMOTO Yuta's paper "Mammalian cell cultivation using nutrients extracted from microalgae" is published in Biotechnology progress →Publication site


IMAFUKU Aya's paper "Rat mesenchymal stromal cell sheets suppress renal fibrosis via microvascular protection" is published in Stem Cells Translational Medicine →Publication site


Kyungsook KIM's paper "Human mesenchymal stem cell sheets in xeno-free media for possible allogenic applications" is published in Scientific Reports →Publication site


Shunsuke TAKEMURA's paper "Transplantation of adipose‐derived mesenchymal stem cell sheets directly into the kidney suppresses the progression of renal injury in a diabetic nephropathy rat model" is published in Journal of Diabetes Investigation →Publication site


Shinpei TSURUYAMA's paper "Pulsatile tubular cardiac tissues fabricated by wrapping human iPS cells-derived cardiomyocyte sheets" is published in Regenerative Therapy →Publication site

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