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アメリカ Emory University (Clinical)
Harvard University (Research)
Yale University (Research)
University of California Los Angeles (Research)
University of California San Francisco (Clinical)
University of Michigan (Clinical)
University of Pittsburgh (Research and Clinical)
Children’s National Medical Center Washington DC (Research)
The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (Research)
Baylor University (Research)
Brown University (Research and Clinical)
Georgetown University (Research)
Nation Wide Children's Hospital (Research and Clinical)
カナダ Sunnybrook Hospital (Research and Clinical)
University of Western Ontario (Research and Clinical)
The Hospital for Sick Children (Research)
イギリス Oxford University (Clinical)
Imperial College (Research)
ドイツ University of Bochum (Research)
スイス University of Zurich (Research)
オーストラリア Royal North Shore Hospital (Clinical)
Royal Perth Hospital (Clinical)
Royal Childrens' Hospital (Clinical)
フランス Henri Mondor Hospital (Clinical)