Cooperative Major in Advanced Biomedical Sciences

Joint graduate school of Tokyo Women’s Medical University and Waseda University, Cooperative Major in Advanced Biomedical Sciences was established in 2010.

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Three research instructions of the cooperative major in advanced biomedical sciences, “Clinical application, development and evaluation of the instruments with advanced medical therapy”, “Research on tissue regeneration”, and “Molecular and cellular therapeutics” are working in the Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science.

Research Instructions

Clinical Application, Development and Evaluation of the Instruments with Advanced Medical Therapy (Prof. Ken Masamune & Prof. Hiroshi Iseki Lab)

A real medical-engineering collaboration (one more EBM:Engineering based Medicine) is indispensable in development of medical instruments with advanced medical therapy. There is a good thing for the first time in what it can be done by piling up improvement with a medical instrument different from a medicine and using it in clinical fields. A researcher must proceed with the development on the assumption that it is used in clinical fields. Furthermore, you must carry out clinical research with collecting sufficient data for trust which is indispensable to an approval application for Pharmaceutical Affairs Act. It is carried out with Design, Development and Evaluation of the Instruments with Advanced Medical Therapy (Waseda University, Prof. Mitsuo Umezu) based on these points.

Research on Tissue Regeneration (Prof. Masayuki Yamato Lab)

Regenerative medicine is expected to produce complete cures for diseases, i.e., to surpass the limitations of excisional surgery typically performed in cancer therapy as well as conventional symptomatic pharmacotherapy. Regenerative medicine achieved by stem cell biology and tissue engineering to reconstruct tissue structures ex vivo has been already applied to clinical settings in some area. Our main objectives are to promote development of novel regenerative therapy based on cell sheet engineering, a key technology in the next generation tissue reconstruction as well as to pursue clinical regulatory science.

Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics (Prof. Atsushi Aruga Lab)

We investigate the regulatory science regarding to the translational research through the pre-clinical, phase I, II, III, IV clinical study based on the development of the new molecular and cellular therapeutics. The candidates of the new medicine are the cellular immunotherapy with αβ T cells, γσ T cells, dendritic cells, peptide vaccine, siRNA, monoclonal antibodies. Furthermore, we also try to develop the tailor-made medicine from the genetic analysis of the individual cancer cells.