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2017 原著論文 / Original Papers →女子医大業績データベース

  • Y. Haraguchi, Y. Kagawa, K. Sakaguchi, K. Matsuura, T. Shimizu, T. Okano, "Thicker three-dimensional tissue from a symbiotic recycling system combining mammalian cells and algae", Scientific Reports, 7:41594(2017/01)
  • Y. Haraguchi, A. Hasegawa, K. Matsuura, M. Kobayashi, S. Iwana, Y. Kabetani, T. Shimizu, "Three-dimensional human cardiac tissue engineered by centrifugation of stacked cell sheets and cross-sectional observation of its synchronous beatings by optical coherence tomography", BioMed Research International, 2017(Article ID: 5341702):1-8(2017/02)
  • M. Hamada, T. Iwata, Y. Kato, K. Washio, S. Morikawa, H. Sakurai, M. Yamato, T. Okano, Y. Uchigata, "Xenogeneic transplantation of human adipose-derived stem cell sheets accelerate angiogenesis and the healing of skin wounds in a Zucker Diabetic Fatty rat model of obese diabetes", Regenerative Therapy, 6:65-73(2017/02)
  • K. Matsuura, T. Shimizu, T. Okano, "Production of pancreatic progenitor cells from human induced pluripotent stem cells using a three-dimensional suspension bioreactor system", Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, (2017/03)
  • K. Matsuura, H. Sekine, T. Shimizu, "Dinaciclib potently suppresses MCL-1 and selectively induces the cell death in human iPS cells without affecting the viability of cardiac tissue.", Scientific Reports, 7:45577(2017/03)
  • H. SETA, K. MATSUURA, H. SEKINE, K. YAMAZAKI, T. SHIMIZU, "Tubular Cardiac Tissues Derived from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Generate Pulse Pressure In Vivo", Scientific Reports, 7:1-10(2017/03)
  • K. Nagase†*, Y. Sakurada, S. Onizuka, T. Iwata, M. Yamato, N. Takeda*, T. Okano*, "Thermoresponsive polymer-modified microfibers for cell separations.", Acta biomaterialia, 53:81-92(2017/04)
  • A. Hasegawa†, Y. Haraguchi, H. Oikaze, Y. Kabetani, K. Sakaguchi, T. Shimizu*, "Optical coherence microscopy of living cells and bioengineered tissue dynamics in high-resolution cross-section.", Journal of biomedical materials research. Part B, Applied biomaterials, 105(3):481-488(2017/04)
  • A. SUGIYAMA†, K. MATSUURA*, T. SHIMIZU, T. OKANO, "Functional Thyroid Follicular Cells Differentiation from Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Suspension Culture", Front Endocrinol, 8:103(2017/05)
  • Y. Kagawa†*, Y. Haraguchi, S. Tsuneda, T. Shimizu, "Real-time quantitation of internal metabolic activity of three-dimensional engineered tissues using an oxygen microelectrode and optical coherence tomography.", Journal of biomedical materials research. Part B, Applied biomaterials, 105(4):855-864(2017/05)
  • K. Nagase†, Y. Nagumo, M. Kim, H. Kim, H. Kyung, H. Chung, H. Sekine, T. Shimizu, H. Kanazawa, T. Okano, S. Lee, M. Yamato*, "Local Release of VEGF Using Fiber Mats Enables Effective Transplantation of Layered Cardiomyocyte Sheets.", Macromolecular bioscience, (2017/05)
  • Y. JOKURA†, K. YANO, M. YAMATO*, "Comparison of the new Japanese legislation for expedited approval of regenerative medicine products with the existing systems in the USA and European Union", Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, (2017/06)
  • J. Homma†, H. Sekine, K. Matsuura, M. Yamato, T. Shimizu*, "Myoblast cell sheet transplantation enhances the endogenous regenerative abilities of infant hearts in rats with myocardial infarction", Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, 11(6):1897-1906(2017/06)
  • N. KAIBUCHI†, T. IWATA*, S. ONIZUKA, K. YANO, M. YAMATO, T. OKANO*, T. ANDO, "Cytological character of mini pig mesenchymal stromal cells from various tissues and the attempt of cell sheet formation", Regenerative Therapy, 6:83-89(2017/06)
  • M. HAMADA†, T. IWATA, Y. KATO, K. WASHIO, S. MORIKAWA, H. SAKURAI, M. YAMATO, T. OAKNO*, Y. UCHIGATA, "Xenogeneic transplantation of human adipose-derived stem cell sheets accelerate angiogenesis and the healing of skin wounds in a Zucker Diabetic Fatty rat model of obese diabetes", Regenerative Therapy, 6:65-73(2017/06)
  • T. Umemoto†, Y. Matsuzaki, Y. Shiratsuchi, M. Hashimoto, T. Yoshimoto, A. Nakamura-Ishizu, B. Petrich, M. Yamato, T. Suda*, "Integrin αvβ3 enhances the suppressive effect of interferon-γ on hematopoietic stem cells.", The EMBO journal, (2017/07)
  • D. LEE†, J. Lee, E. KIM, T. TAKATA, Y. ABIKO, T. OKANO, D. GREEN, M. SHIMONO, H. JUNG*, "Bio-implant as a novel restoration for tooth loss.", Scientific reports, 7(1):7414(2017/08)
  • Y. MARUYA†, N. KANAI, S. KOBAYASHI, K. KOSHINO, T. OKANO, S. EGUCHI, M. YAMATO*, "Autologous adipose-derived stem cell sheets enhance the strength of intestinal anastomosis", Regenerative Therapy, 7:24-33(2017/12)

2017 総説等 / Review Papers →女子医大業績データベース

  • 清水達也†*, "再生医療に向けた組織・臓器創生", アレルギー, 66(1):32-35(2017/02)
  • 松浦勝久†*, "iPS細胞を用いた再生医療の実現に向けた取り組み", 未来医学, 30:35-42(2017/03)
  • 関根秀一, "未来医療実現を目指した補助ポンプ型心筋組織の開発", 未来医学, 30:27-31(2017/03)
  • 佐々木大輔†, 鶴山晋平, 清水達也*, "組織工学におけるメカノバイオロジー", バイオマテリアル-生体材料-, 34(2):120-124(2016/04)
  • 清水達也†*, "細胞シートを用いた再生医療と立体組織モデルの作製", 創薬のひろば, 春号(3):18-20(2016/05)
  • 大和雅之†*, "招請講演 再生医療の現状と課題", 西日本泌尿器科, 78(7):325-329(2016/07)
  • 大和雅之†, "臨床研究結果の公表", 再生医療, 15(4):6-7(2016/12)
  • 山崎祐†, 清水達也, "細胞シートのこれまでとiPS利用のこれからは?", 循環器内科, 81(2):195-201(2017/02)
  • J. Kobayashi†*, M. Yamato, T. Okano*, "On-off affinity binding modulation on thermoresponsive polymer-grafted surfaces for capture and release of proteins and cells", Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition, 28(10-12):939-957(2017/07)
  • K. MATSUURA†*, "Aging and homeostasis. Aging control through cardiac regenerative medicine", Clinical Calcium, 27(7):991-996(2017/07)
  • 大和雅之†, "細胞シート工学を用いた再生医療", Organ Biology, 24(2):73(2017)
  • 小林純†, 岡野光夫*, "細胞シート再生治療", バイオマテリアル-生体材料-, 35(2):110-117(2017/04)
  • 大和雅之†*, "再生医療の今後への期待とその基盤技術", Progress in Medicine, 37(5):533-535(2017/05)
  • 岩田隆紀†*, "歯科再生治療の展望", Progress in medicine, 37(5):577-581(2017/05)

2017 著書 / Books →女子医大業績データベース

  • Y. HARAGUCHI, T. SHIMIZU, M. YAMATO, T. OKANO, "Tissue Fabrication and Regeneration by Cell Sheet Technology", Handbook of Intelligent Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Gilson Khang, Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd., 2,,1309-1351(2017)
  • 山崎祐, 清水達也, "第1章 3 ティッシュ・エンジニアリング研究最前線", 先進医療NAVIGATOR 今日の再生医療・細胞医療の産業化に向けて, 先進医療フォーラム, 日本医学出版, 初版,,12-14(2017/07)

2017 新聞 / Newspaper

2017 雑誌・取材記事 / Magazines

2017 受賞 / Awards

  • 第28回高分子ゲル研究討論会, Soft Matter Poster Prize, 2017.1.17
    本間健太 “自励振動ポリマーブラシの微細パターニングによる時空間機能制御”
  • つくば医工連携フォーラム2017, 研究奨励賞, 2017.1.20
    張琴 “Enhancement of blood vessel formation by improving endothelial networks in cell-dense tissues”
  • 東京女子医科大学, 中山恒明研究奨励賞, 2017.2.25
    松浦勝久 “再生医療のための移植用心筋組織内残存未分化iPS細胞除去手法開発”
  • 第16回日本再生医療学会, The Johnson and Johnson Innovation Award, 2017.3.8
    松浦勝久 “再生医療用ヒト心筋組織開発”
  • 日本機械学会関東支部 関東学生会 第56回学生員卒業研究発表講演会, Best Presentation Award, 2017.3.16
    大矢貴史 “エレクトロニクスシートを用いた心筋シート電位測定法の開発”