2012 Achievements

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2012 Original Papers

  • C. Williams†, A. Xie, S. Emani, M. Yamato, T. Okano, S. Emani, J. Wong*, "A comparison of human smooth muscle and mesenchymal stem cells as potential cell sources for tissue-engineered vascular patches", Tissue engineering, 18(9-10):986-998(2012/01)
  • T. Yoshida, K. Washio, T. Iwata, T. Okano, I. Ishikawa, "Current status and future development of cell transplantation therapy for periodontal tissue regeneration.", International Journal of Dentistry, 2012(Jan 16):8(2012/01)
  • M. Kino-Oka†, T. Ngo, E. Nagamori, Y. Takezawa, Y. Miyake, Y. Sawa, A. Saito, T. Shimizu, T. Okano, M. Taya, "Evaluation of vertical fluidity in a multilayered sheet of skeletal myoblasts", Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering, 113(1):128-131(2012/01)
  • H. Takahashi, N. Matsuzaka, M. Nakayama, A. Kikuchi, M. Yamato, T. Okano, "Terminally functionalized thermoresponsive polymer brushes for simultaneously promoting cell adhesion and cell sheet harvest", Biomacromolecules, 13(1):253(2012/01)
  • K. Tatsumi†, K. Ohashi*, Y. Teramura, R. Utoh, K. Kanegae, N. Watanabe, S. Mukobata, M. Nakayama, H. Iwata, T. Okano, "The non-invasive cell surface modification of hepatocytes with PEG-lipid derivatives.", Biomaterials, 33(3):821-8(2012/01)
  • T. Umemoto†, M. Yamato, J. Ishihara, Y. SHIRATSUCHI, M. Utsumi, Y. Morita, H. Tsukui, M. Terasawa, T. Shibata, K. Nishida, Y. Kobayashi, B. Petrich, H. Nakauchi, K. Eto, T. Okano, "Integrin-αvβ3 regulates thrombopoietin-mediated maintenance of hematopoietic stem cells", Blood, 119(1):83(2012/01)
  • Y. Sawa†, S. Miyagawa, T. Sakaguchi, T. Fujita, A. Matsuyama, A. Saito, T. Shimizu, T. Okano, "Tissue engineered myoblast sheets improved cardiac function sufficiently to discontinue LVAS in a patient with DCM: report of a case", Surgery Today, 42(2):181-184(2012/01)
  • T. Hayakawa†, T. Kunihiro, S. Dowaki, H. Uno, E. Matsui, M. Uchida, S. Kobayashi, A. Yasuda, T. Shimizu, T. Okano*, "Noninvasive evaluation of contractile behavior of cardiomyocyte monolayers based on motion vector analysis", Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods, 18(1):21-32(2012/01)
  • G. Ebihara†, M. Sato*, M. Yamato, G. Mitani, T. Kutsuna, T. Nagai, S. Ito, T. Ukai, M. Kobayashi, M. Kokubo, T. Okano, "Cartilage repair in transplanted scaffold-free chondrocyte sheets using a minipig model", Biomaterials, 33:3846-3851(2012/02)
  • K. Kim†, K. Ohashi*, R. Utoh, K. Kano, T. Okano, "Preserved liver-specific functions of hepatocytes in 3D co-culture with endothelial cell sheets.", Biomaterials, 33(5):1406-13(2012/02)
  • T. Nishio†, R. Kanazashi, A. Nojima, H. Kanazawa*, T. Okano, "Effect of polymer containing a naphthyl-alanine derivative on the separation selectivity for aromatic compounds in temperature-responsive chromatography.", Journal of chromatography. A, 1228:148-154(2012/03)
  • K. Nagase†, N. Mukae, A. Kikuchi, T. Okano*, "Thermally modulated retention of lymphoctytes on polymer-brush-grafted glass beads", Macromolecular Bioscience, 12(3):333-340(2012/03)
  • K. Nagase†, J. Kobayashi, A. Kikuchi, Y. Akiyama, H. Kanazawa, T. Okano*, "High stability of thermoresponsive polymer-brush-grafted silica beads as chromatography matrices", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 4(4):1998-2008(2012/04)
  • S. Ito†, M. Sato*, M. Yamato, G. Mitani, T. Kutsuna, T. Nagai, T. Ukai, M. Kobayashi, M. Kokubo, T. Okano, J. Mochida, "Repair of articular cartilage defect with layered chondrocyte sheets and cultured synovial cells", Biomaterials, 33:5278-5286(2012/04)
  • H. Yuji, T. Shimizu, T. Sasagawa, H. Sekine, K. Sakaguchi, T. Kikuchi, W. Sekine, S. Sekiya, M. Yamato, M. Umezu, T. Okano*, "Fabrication of functional three-dimensional tissues by stacking cell sheets in vitro", Nature Protocols, 7(5):850-858(2012/04)
  • A. Tamura†, J. Kobayashi, M. Yamato, T. Okano*, "Temperature-responsive poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-grafted microcarriers for large-scale non-invasive harvest of anchorage-dependent cells", Biomaterials, 33(15):3803-3812(2012/05)
  • Y. Kumashiro†, Y. Ikezoe, T. Hayashi, Y. Okabayashi, M. Yamato, T. Okano, M. Hara, "Temperature-modulated adsorption of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-grafted ferritin on solid substrate", Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 95:57-64(2012/05)
  • H. Mikami†, G. Kuwahara, N. Nakamura, M. Yamato, M. Tanaka, S. Kodama*, "Two-Layer tissue engineered urethra using oral epithelial and muscle derived cells", The Journal of urology, 187(5):1882-1889(2012/05)
  • K. Miki†, H. Uenaka, A. Saito, S. Miyagawa, T. Sakaguchi, T. Higuchi, T. Shimizu, T. Okano, S. Yamanaka, Y. Sawa*, "Bioengineered myocardium derived from induced pluripotent stem cells improves cardiac function and attenuates cardiac remodeling following chronic myocardial infarction in rats", Stem Cells Translational Medicine, 1(5):430-437(2012/05)
  • A. Tamura†, M. Nishi, J. Kobayashi, K. Nagase, H. Yajima, M. Yamato, T. Okano*, "Simultaneous enhancement of cell proliferation and thermally induced harvest efficiency based on temperature-responsive cationic copolymer-grafted microcarriers", Biomacromolecules, 13(6):1765-1773(2012/06)
  • H. Masumoto†, T. Matsuo, K. Yamamizu, H. Uosaki, G. Narazaki, S. Katayama, A. Marui, T. Shimizu, T. Ikeda, T. Okano, R. Sakata, J. Yamashita*, "Pluripotent Stem Cell-Engineered Cell Sheets Re-Assembled with Defined Cardiovascular Populations Ameliorate Reduction in Infarct Heart Function Through Cardiomyocyte-Mediated Neovascularization.", Stem Cells, 30(6):1196-1205(2012/06)
  • S. Saito†, S. Miyagawa, T. Sakaguchi, Y. Imanishi, H. Iseoka, H. Nishi, Y. Yoshikawa, S. Fukushima, A. Saito, T. Shimizu, T. Okano, Y. Sawa*, "Myoblast sheet can prevent the impairment of cardiac diastolic function and late remodeling after left ventricular restoration in ischemic cardiomyopathy", Transplantation, 93(11):1108-1115(2012/06)
  • K. Matsuura†, M. Wada, T. Shimizu, Y. Haraguchi, F. Sato, K. Sugiyama, K. Konishi, Y. Shiba, H. Ichikawa, A. Tachibana, U. Ikeda, M. Yamato, H. Nobuhisa, T. Okano*, "Creation of human cardiac cell sheets using pluripotent stem cells", Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 425(2):321-327(2012/08)
  • K. Nagase†, A. Kimura, T. Shimizu, K. Matsuura, M. Yamato, N. Takeda, T. Okano*, "Dynamically cell separating thermo-functional biointerfaces with densely packed polymer brushes", Journal of Materials Chemistry, 22(37):19514(2012/08)
  • Z. Tang†, Y. Akiyama, K. Itoga, J. Kobayashi, M. Yamato, T. Okano*, "Shear stress-dependent cell detachment from temperature-responsive cell culture surfaces in a microfluidic device", Biomaterials, 33(30):7405-7411(2012/10)
  • N. Kanai, M. Yamato, T. Ohki, M. YAMAMOTO, T. Okano, "Fabricated autologous epidermal cellsheets for the prevention of esophageal stricture after circumferential ESD in a porcine model", Gastrointestinal endoscopy, 7(4):873-881(2012/10)
  • K. Washio†, H. Kuroda, T. Iwata, T. Yoshida, M. Yamato, T. Okano*, "Improved enzymatic treatment for accurate cell counting from extracellular matrix-rich periodontal ligament cell sheets.", Oral & Craniofacial Tissue Engineering, 2(3):185–189(2012/10)
  • A. Tamura†, J. Kobayashi, M. Yamato, T. Okano*, "Thermally responsive microcarriers with optimal poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) grafted density for facilitating cell adhesion/detachment in suspension culture", Acta Biomaterialia, 8(11):3904-3913(2012/11)
  • M. Yamada†, R. Utoh†, K. Ohashi, K. Tatsumi, M. Yamato, T. Okano, S. Minoru*, "Controlled formation of heterotypic hepatic micro-organoids in anisotropic hydrogel microfibers for long-term preservation of liver-specific functions", Biomaterials, 33(33):8304-8315(2012/11)
  • N. Idota†, A. Kikuchi, J. Kobayashi, K. Sakai, T. Okano*, "Modulation of graft architectures for enhancing hydrophobic interaction of biomolecules with thermoresponsive polymer-grafted surfaces", Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 99:95-101(2012/11)
  • T. Yoshida†, Y. Kumashiro, T. Iwata, J. Ishihara, T. Umemoto, N. Kawashima, Y. Shiratsuchi, T. Sugiyama, M. Yamato, T. Okano*, "Requirement of Integrin β3 for Iron Transportation during Enamel Formation", Journal of Dental Research, 91(12):1154-9(2012/12)
  • K. Matsuura†, T. Shimizu, M. Yamato, N. Hagiwara, T. Okano*, "Fabrication of mouse embryonic stem cell-derived layered cardiac cell sheets using a bioreactor system", PLoS ONE, 7(12):e52176(2012/12)
  • M. Muraoka†, T. Shimizu, K. Itoga, H. Takahashi, T. Okano*, "Control of the formation of vascular networks in 3D tissue engineered constructs", Biomaterials, 34(3):696-703(2012)
  • E. Nagamori†, X. Trung, Y. Takezawa, A. Saito, Y. Sawa, T. Shimizu, T. Okano, M. Taya, M. Kino-Oka*, "Network formation through active migration of human vascular endothelial cells in a multilayered skeletal myoblast sheet", Biomaterials, 34(3):662-668(2012)
  • K. Ohashi†*, K. Tatsumi, T. Chise, K. Miho, R. Utoh, K. Yoshizato, T. Okano, "Liver tissue engineering utilizing hepatocytes propagated in mouse livers in vivo", Cell transplantation, 21(2):429-436(2012)
  • S. Takagi†, M. Ohno†, K. Ohashi*, R. Utoh, K. Tatsumi, T. Okano, "Cell shape regulation based on hepatocyte sheet engineering technologies", Cell transplantation, 21(1):411-420(2012)
  • M. Kawamura†, S. Miyagawa, K. Miki, A. Saito, S. Fukushima, T. Higuchi, T. Kawamura, T. Kuratani, T. Daimon, T. Shimizu, T. Okano, Y. Sawa*, "Feasibility, safety, and therapeutic efficacy of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte sheets in a porcine ischemic cardiomyopathy model", Circulation, 126(11(suppl1)):S29-37(2012)
  • M. NAKAYAMA†, N. Yamada, Y. Kumashiro, H. Kanazawa, M. Yamato, T. Okano, "Thermoresponsive Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-Based Block Copolymer Coating for Optimizing Cell Sheet Fabrication", Macromolecular Bioscience, 12(6):751-760(2012)
  • Y. Tanaka†, A. Yamato, N. Yaji, M. Yamato*, "A simple stock of optical glasses for a catastrophic disaster: eyewear donations after the 2011 pacific coast Tohoku earthauake", The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine, 227(2):93-95(2012)
  • 田中信行†*, 東森充, 金子真, "対象物変形に伴う流体力変動を考慮した非接触剛性センシング", 計測自動制御学会論文集, 48(5):295-301(2012/05)
  • 金井信雄†, 大和雅之, 大木岳志*, 山本雅一, 岡野光夫, "細胞シートを用いた組織再生", 日本外科学会雑誌, 113(5):435-440(2012/09)
  • 金井信雄†, 大和雅之, 大木岳志, 山本雅一, 岡野光夫, "消化管領域の再生治療普及を担う細胞シート移植デバイスの開発", バイオマテリアル, 30(4):247-249(2012/11)

2012 Review Papers

  • Y. Haraguchi†, T. Shimizu, M. Yamato, T. Okano, "Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering for Cardiovascular Disease", Stem Cells Translational Medicine, 1:136–141(2012/02)
  • Y. Haraguchi†, T. Shimizu, M. Yamato, T. Okano*, "Scaffold-free Tissue Engineering Using Cell Sheet Technology", RSC Advances, 2(6):2184-2190(2012/02)
  • H. Sekine, T. Shimizu, T. Okano*, "Myocardial tissue engineering: toward a bioartificial pump.", Cell and tissue research, 347(3):775-782(2012/03)
  • Z. Tang†, Y. Akiyama, T. Okano*, "Temperature-Responsive Polymer Modified Surface for Cell Sheet Engineering", polymers, (4):1478-1498(2012/08)
  • 大木岳志†, 大和雅之, 太田正穂, 高木亮, 近藤誠, 金井信雄, 岡野光夫, 山本雅一, "食道ESD後の培養細胞シートの現状", 消化器内視鏡, 24(1):110(2012/01)
  • 関根秀一†, 清水達也*, "細胞シート工学による心筋構造構築", 循環器内科, 71(4):369(2012/04)
  • 関根秀一†, 清水達也, 岡野光夫, "細胞シート再生治療とその厚い組織・臓器作製に向けた挑戦", 人工臓器, 41:7-10(2012/06)
  • 関根秀一†, 清水達也, 岡野光夫, "細胞シート工学による高度な三次元組織の構築", バイオマテリアル-生体材料-, 30(3):188-189(2012/07)
  • 葭田敏之, 岡野光夫, "世界初,細胞シート再生医療のスタート", 山梨医学, 40:9-12(2012/10)
  • 関根秀一†, 清水達也, 岡野光夫, "細胞シート再生治療と三次元組織の作製", リンパ学, 35(2):84-88(2012/12)
  • 水谷学†, 紀ノ岡正博, 清水達也, 岡野光夫, "細胞シート再生治療を支援する自動培養三次元化システム", JJCLA, 37(2):182-186(2012)

2012 Books

  • Y. Kumashiro, Y. Akiyama, M. Yamato, T. Okano, "Temperature-responsive culture surfaces for regenerative medicine", Handbook of Intelligent Scaffold for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Pan Stanford Publishing, 903-924(2012/02)
  • I. Ishikawa, W. Kaoru, T. Yoshida, T. Iwata, T. Okano, "Recent progress in periodontal regeneration using periodontal ligament cell sheet", Multi-Disciplinary Management of Periodontal Disease, P. M. Bartold, L. J. Jin, Salmat Document Management Solution, 127-134(2012/04)
  • J. Kobayashi, Y. Akiyama, M. Yamato, T. Okano, "5.06 - Biomaterials: temperature-responsive polymer", Comprehensive Biotechnology, Moo-Young Murray, Butler Michael, Webb Colin, Moreira Antonio, Grodzinski Bernard, Cui Z F, Agathos Spiros, Pergamon, 2nd,5,51-64(2012/09)
  • 岡野光夫, "「細胞シート」の奇跡", 「細胞シート」の奇跡, 祥伝社, 1,1-210(2012/02)
  • 中村桂子, 大和雅之, 髙橋政代, 小島 宏司, 大隅典子, 三井敏之, 瀬原淳子, 仲野徹, 岩﨑清隆, 出澤真理, 原英二, 若山照彦, 高橋淑子, 坪田一男, "細胞シートで再生医療の実用化に挑む", いのちの不思議を考えよう 最前線の生命科学者12人に聞く, 朝日新聞出版, 朝日新聞出版, 12-20(2012/02)
  • 大和雅之, おしゃべりな細胞たち 再生医療入門 すぐそこの未来を話そう, 講談社, 1-261(2012/02)
  • 清水達也, "第6章 心筋細胞シート", [増補新訂版] 人工臓器は、いま -暮らしのなかにある最先端医療の姿-, 日本人工臓器学会, はる書房, 539-550(2012)
  • 熊代善一, 小林純, 岡野光夫, "細胞シート工学による機能性組織の構築", 先端バイオマテリアルハンドブック, , 株式会社エヌ・ティー・エス, 300-303(2012)
  • 金井信雄, "消化器疾患における再生医療実用化の手ごたえと今後使用頻度が減ることが予想される薬剤・機器・治療法", 先端医療に関する医療ニーズ/製品開発戦略と臨床で使わなくなる(であろう)薬剤・製品 予測, , 技術情報協会, 516(2012/05)
  • 大和雅之, "第2節 再生医療の開発・産業化の動向", 先端医療, , (株)技術情報協会, 14-24(2012/05)
  • 岡野光夫, 熊代善一, "医学と工学の架け橋へ", 未来材料, , エヌ・ティー・エス, 74-76(2012/09)
  • 岩田隆紀, "細胞治療", 月刊「歯界展望」別冊 成功する歯周組織再生治療, 和泉雄一・二階堂雅彦・松井徳雄, 医歯薬出版株式会社, 180-183(2012/11)
  • 岩田隆紀, 石川烈, "歯根膜幹細胞シート", 再生医療叢書8 歯学系, 上田 実, 朝比奈 泉, 朝倉書店, 8,40-53(2012/11)

2012 Newspaper

  • 2012.04.15 読売新聞 14面
    大木岳志, “Q からだの質問箱 A”, Q 喉頭全摘 発声以外に影響は A のどに呼吸用の穴 必要
  • 2012.06.04 読売新聞 30面
    松浦勝久, “iPS製心筋重ねて強化”

2012 Awards

  • 一般社団法人日本機械学会ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会2012 2012.05.28 一般社団法人日本機械学会ロボティクス・メカトロニクス部門ベストプレゼンテーション表彰(同講演会2011 にて発表)
    ○ 田中信行, “非接触アクティブセンシングにおける対象物変形を考慮した印加力キャリブレーション”
  • The 9th World Biomaterials Congress (WBC), Poster Award 2012.06.01-05
    ○ Hironobu Takahashi “Construction of three-dimensional tissue with well-organized cell orientation using anisotropic cell sheets”
  • The Johnson & Johnson Innovation Award 2012 年度応用・臨床研究(日本再生医療学会総会), 2012.06.12-14
    ○ Takanori Iwata “Allogenic transplantation of periodontal ligament stem cell sheets for periodontal regeneration”
  • 第41 回医用高分子シンポジウム優秀賞「学生の部」2012.06.25-26
    ○有坂慶紀、小林純、大和雅之、秋山義勝、岡野光夫,“ヘパリン介在型bFGF 固定化温度応答性培養基材による細胞シート作製時間の短縮”
  • 第6 回ナノ・バイオメディカル学会大会若手奨励賞2012.07.09-10
  • 3rd TERMIS World Congress 2012, TERMIS Travel Award 2012.09. 05-08
    ○ Inkyong Shim, Kazuo Ohashi, Natsumi Watanabe, Kohei Tatsumi, Yuji Kashiwakura, Tsukasa Ohmori, Yoichi Sakata, Makoto Inoue, Teruo Okano “Potential of bioengineered cell sheets prepared with lentivirally transduced adipose tissue-derived stem/stromal cells for hemophilia B therapy”
  • 15th International Biotechnology Symposium and Exhibition (IBS2012), IBS2012 Organizing Committee Poster Awards 2012.09.16-21
    ○ Kenichi Nagase, Ayaka Kimura, Tatsuya Shimizu, Katsuhisa Matsuura, Naoya
    Takeda, Teruo Okano, " Cell separating intelligent bio-interfaces having thermo-responsive polymer brushes"
  • 日本バイオマテリアル学会2012 年度日韓若手研究者交流AWARD 2012.09.24
  • 20th United European Gastroenterology Week (UEG Week 2012) Travel Grant Award 2012.10.20-24
  • The 20th annual meeting of the Korean Society for Biomaterials, Best Poster Presentation Awards 2012.11.15-16
    ○ Kenichi Nagase, Teruo Okano, " Precisely Designed Thermo-functional Biointerfaces for Separating Pharmaceutical Proteins and Therapeutic Cells"
  • 日本バイオマテリアル学会シンポジウム2012 日本バイオマテリアル学会シンポジウム2012 大会長賞2012.11.26-27
    ○村岡恵, 清水達也,糸賀和義, 高橋宏信,熊代善一,岡野光夫, “三次元的にデザインした組織モデルを用いた組織内での血管内皮細胞の遊走挙動解析”
  • 第7 回モノづくり連携大賞日刊工業新聞社賞2012.12.06
    ○東京女子医科大学先端生命医科学研究所, 大阪大学大学院工学研究科, 日本光電荻野記念研究所, 日立製作所中央研究所, エイブル, セルシード, 渋谷工業, 科学技術振興機構FIRST 岡野プロジェクト(2 大学5 企業), “再生医療の産業化と世界普及に向けた細胞培養自動化システム「組織ファクトリー」”