2010 Achievements

2010 Original Papers

2010 Review Papers

  • Y. Kumashiro, M. Yamato and T. Okano, "Cell attachment-detachment control on temperature-responsive thin surfaces for novel tissue engineering", Ann. Biomed. Eng., 38(6), 1977-88(2010 Jun).
  • I. Elloumi-Hannachi, M. Yamato and T. Okano, "Cell sheet engineering: a unique nanotechnology for scaffold-free tissue reconstruction with clinical applications in regenerative medicine", J. Intern. Med., 267(1), 54-70(2010 Jan).
  • K. Itoga and T. Okano, "The high functionalization of temperature-responsive culture dishes for establishing advanced cell sheet engineering", J. Mat. Chem., 20(40), 8768-8775(2010).